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EXTENDED! Skeleton Articulation and Adornment on until 10 August

Good news, Skeleton Crew! The Gympie Bone Museum art show at The quARTz HuB has been extended due to popular demand. The show will now be closing next Thursday 10 August. This will be your last chance to see the exhibit in this format. The last Torchlight Tour will be held on Wednesday the 9th from 5.30 – 7.30pm. Other than that we have no private bookings for the coming week so if you’d like to rent the exhibition to host a private function it is available. Don’t forget that the artwork is for sale so you can take home a piece of history – this is the first exhibition from the first dedicated bone museum in Australia. Certain pieces are also available for touring so if you’d like to host them in your local gallery or public venue then please get in touch. Finally, National Science Week is coming up 12-20 August and if you’ve got a boney idea you’d like to put into action then we’re all ears. Let’s do something brilliant together!

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Artist Juliette Claire shows us why we get out of bed in the morning

Juliette Claire Wehling Wrathall has a BA in Fine Art Sculpture (RMIT University). She currently practices sculpture, jewellery design, painting and drawing. Instagram: fossickandforagedesign julietteclaireart

I met Juliette Claire at a skeleton articulation workshop not long ago. She was wearing the most amazing silver earrings she had made. Juliette is bright and bubbly and ridiculously talented and when we decided to put on this art exhibition I asked her to join us. Thankfully she agreed and the photos below show her talent and her wit. I love her hashtag #whywegetoutofbedinthemorning.

Come and see Juliette’s pieces at the Skeleton Articulation and Adornment exhibition this July at the quARTz HuB 13 River Rd Gympie. More of Juliette’s work is featured on her instagram @fossickandforagedesign and you can pick yourself up a piece on Etsy.

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What’s on in Gympie? Cloudland is on in Gympie!

Yesterday What’s On In Gympie took the time to have a chat with us about Cloudland – Gympie’s first rooftop cocktail bar event.  It’s the event of the year in Gympie and loads of businesses have pitched in to make it really special.  Check out the video to see the menu, hear about the Scurvy Dog, find out which cars the Gympie Historic Auto Club are bringing along and check out the Cloudmobile in all her V8 glory.

Ticket sales close tonight on Eventbrite so Book Now!

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Cloudland flies higher with a little help from our friends

As the organisation for Cloudland on June 3 comes together we’ve been lucky to have a lot of offers of help from the community – both inside and outside Gympie.  Here is an update on how it’s coming together and who is helping to make this event a huge success.  Thanks for having our back!

We now have tickets on sale both online and at A Beautiful You Hair and Make-Up Salon in Goldfields Plaza.  If you prefer not to shop online then drop into the salon and pick yours up now.

Linda from Suncoast Limes is going to bring her new drink Scurvy Dog and hand out FREE TASTINGS during the evening so now you get even more bang for your buck.

Our number one fans the artisans of the Friends of the Gallery quARTz HuB will be running a bar with beer and wine after the sun goes down for those of you who work up a bit of a thirst while enjoying the bands.

The Gympie Cooloola Rotary Club has offered to lend a hand on the night so please give them a pat on the back as they bring around your canapes.

Have you seen the Cloudmobile driving around town?  Thanks to Jarrod at Trademark Signs we have a sign in the back window of the 1969 Daimler advertising the event.

Hell Town Hotrods have donated the use of their fabulous F250 tow truck to use as a stage.

If you’ve seen the flyers we’ve been dropping around town then you’ve seen the quality work that Gympie Printing has done on them.  They also have the dubious honour of sharing a building with us and are probably the best neighbours we could ask for!

None of this would have been possible without the support of Gympie Regional Council.  When I went to them with the idea to close the carpark in Nash St for an evening the response from everyone there was ‘That’s a great idea!’

Don’t forget that this is our one big push for fundraising this year so we can get up and running for the Christmas school holidays.  Get your tickets now at Eventbrite

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RIP Morbid Anatomy Museum: It takes a village

Sad news from New York today that the Morbid Anatomy Museum isn’t going to make it. After 2+ years of blood, sweat and tears they have decided to close their doors . It made me realise that if Gympie wants our museum to succeed then you are really going to have to get behind us. If you want a world class facility full of tourists, scientists, students, teachers, artists and tradespeople you are going to have to support us. If you want a community hub that provides jobs and income that will bypass-proof this town of ours then you are going to have to show up to events, talk about it to everyone you know, make suggestions, promote it and – most of all – love it. Because it takes a village to bring up a museum and you’re my village. We’ll give you 200% and we’ll make you proud but we really can’t do it without you.

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RIP MORBID ANATOMY MUSEUM We regret very much to inform you that the Morbid Anatomy Museum has ceased operations. We are incredibly grateful to the many people–including presenters, enthusiasts, teachers, visitors, contributors, collectors, donors, board members and more–who made up this wonderful community dedicated to the celebration of artifacts, histories and ideas that fall between the cracks of high and low culture. We look forward to seeing how our many friends and collaborators will continue to explore their interests now that the Museum has closed. Over the past two and a half years, we have worked hard to create a museum unlike any other, and to support a community that values our distinctive exhibitions, lecture series, and workshops. We are proud of the unique, award winning and critically acclaimed work we have done. Good press, however–as we have learned–does not pay the rent. Our institution was made possible by an incredible investment from our co-founder and a dedicated group of early supporters, but we were sadly unable to develop the broad support from our audience and from grants, gifts, and other sponsorship that is necessary for sustainability. So again, many, many thanks to all of you–our friends, collaborators, and stakeholders–for believing in us, and for your support of so many kinds. We don’t yet know what comes next, but we’ll look forward to seeing you on the other side of this. Love, The Team at Morbid Anatomy

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Gympie Bones make an appearance at Rest In Pieces Taxidermy Christmas party

Hey, what’s that there on that beautifully laid out table??? A jar of Gympie Bone Museum delicious Flesh Eating Beetles?  How’d that get there??

Behold the Rest In Pieces Christmas party table made glorious by Put Your Heart Into It 

If you’d like to meet the team from Rest In Pieces and get a look at our old Gympie bones at the same time you can come along to the Art of Taxidermy talk in Brisbane on Nov 18.  Or sign up for one of their other workshops.  We really can’t recommend them enough.

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No bones about, these bone pens are the bees knees 

These bone pens in 5 different skeletal shapes are even better in person than they look in the photos.  I ordered 50 of them online and I was so impressed with the quality when they arrived.  

Bone pens from gympie bone museum project

They sit really nicely in your hand and have black ink which has made them hugely popular with nurses who need to use black pens on their paperwork.  
They’ve been so popular that I’ve had to order more already.  

They’re the perfect Christmas stocking stuffer for the lab tech,  med student, nurse,  science teacher, little learner or special nerd in your life. You can get them online from our friends at Dissection Connection who will make sure every cent comes back to the Gympie Bone Museum project. 

Bone pens from gympie bone museum project

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Some of us have innies and some of us have outies

I’ve decided that in honor of our resident expert in all things museums, collections and dead things generally – who happens to be an invertebrate palaeontologist – that our first collection and exhibition out to be about those of us that let it all hang out.  The invertebrate that have exoskeletons.  Who don’t hide their bony bits under layers of mush and muscle but put it out there in glorious calcium carbonate.  Here’s a particularly lovely example of an exoskeleton from Plant Presents that lives on my verandah.  Plant Presents is another Gympie gold nugget.  If you haven’t checked them out already you should have a look now.

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My groovy new pet from @plantpresents #pets #bromeliad #urchin #cute

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