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No bones about, these bone pens are the bees knees 

These bone pens in 5 different skeletal shapes are even better in person than they look in the photos.  I ordered 50 of them online and I was so impressed with the quality when they arrived.  

Bone pens from gympie bone museum project

They sit really nicely in your hand and have black ink which has made them hugely popular with nurses who need to use black pens on their paperwork.  
They’ve been so popular that I’ve had to order more already.  

They’re the perfect Christmas stocking stuffer for the lab tech,  med student, nurse,  science teacher, little learner or special nerd in your life. You can get them online from our friends at Dissection Connection who will make sure every cent comes back to the Gympie Bone Museum project. 

Bone pens from gympie bone museum project

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