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RIP Morbid Anatomy Museum: It takes a village

Sad news from New York today that the Morbid Anatomy Museum isn’t going to make it. After 2+ years of blood, sweat and tears they have decided to close their doors . It made me realise that if Gympie wants our museum to succeed then you are really going to have to get behind us. If you want a world class facility full of tourists, scientists, students, teachers, artists and tradespeople you are going to have to support us. If you want a community hub that provides jobs and income that will bypass-proof this town of ours then you are going to have to show up to events, talk about it to everyone you know, make suggestions, promote it and – most of all – love it. Because it takes a village to bring up a museum and you’re my village. We’ll give you 200% and we’ll make you proud but we really can’t do it without you.

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RIP MORBID ANATOMY MUSEUM We regret very much to inform you that the Morbid Anatomy Museum has ceased operations. We are incredibly grateful to the many people–including presenters, enthusiasts, teachers, visitors, contributors, collectors, donors, board members and more–who made up this wonderful community dedicated to the celebration of artifacts, histories and ideas that fall between the cracks of high and low culture. We look forward to seeing how our many friends and collaborators will continue to explore their interests now that the Museum has closed. Over the past two and a half years, we have worked hard to create a museum unlike any other, and to support a community that values our distinctive exhibitions, lecture series, and workshops. We are proud of the unique, award winning and critically acclaimed work we have done. Good press, however–as we have learned–does not pay the rent. Our institution was made possible by an incredible investment from our co-founder and a dedicated group of early supporters, but we were sadly unable to develop the broad support from our audience and from grants, gifts, and other sponsorship that is necessary for sustainability. So again, many, many thanks to all of you–our friends, collaborators, and stakeholders–for believing in us, and for your support of so many kinds. We don’t yet know what comes next, but we’ll look forward to seeing you on the other side of this. Love, The Team at Morbid Anatomy

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